Does Alcohol Make Menopausal Hot Flashes Worse?

Alcohol and Menopausal Hot Flashes Dealing with bothersome menopausal hot flashes is a challenge. Researchers have conflicting opinions on the role alcohol can play in improving/aggravating such symptoms. We’ll address the link between alcohol and menopausal hot flashes, hereinafter: Women and Alcohol Women’s bodies are more likely to be agitated by alcohol due to a […]


Essential Oils and Hot Flash Relief

Hot Flash Relief from Essential Oils Menopause is a natural phase of life and not an illness. That’s why some women choose not to take prescribed medication for hot flash relief. Irritating menopause symptoms such as hot flashes can be remedied using natural alternatives such as essential oils. Essential oils containing phytoestrogens have been the […]


Physiology of Hot Flashes: Can I Stop Them?

Physiology of Hot Flashes: Can I Stop Them? Hot flashes are among the well-known symptoms of menopause. A hot flash is a sudden feeling of warmth in the upper body, usually most intense over the neck, face, and chest areas. Feelings of anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and perspiration are some of the other symptoms of hot […]


Pregnancy and Hot Flashes: The Solutions

One of the annoying pregnancy symptoms that more than half of women experience is hot flashes. Do you know how to deal with them? Main Causes Hot flashes in pregnancy usually occur during the first and second trimesters. Some women continue to have night sweats and hot flashes until they stop breastfeeding, as their bodies […]


Causes of Hot Flashes and Remedies

Causes of Non-Menopausal Hot Flashes  A sudden increase in body temperature that you usually feel in your head, neck, arms, and upper body is called hot flashes. While hot flashes are commonly known as menopausal symptoms, menopause is not the only cause. Below, we take a glance at some primary causes of hot flashes other […]


Can Exercises Help Reduce Hot Flashes?

Exercises are a commonly accepted way to maintain a healthy mind and body. A healthy body will give you less troublesome menopausal symptoms. Moreover, a healthy mind can help manage the few annoying ones, like hot flashes. Below, we’ll take a quick look at the mitigating effects of exercises on hot flashes and show you […]


How Does Your Lifestyle Affect the Hot Flashes?

How Lifestyle Changes Affect Menopause? Menopause brings about hormonal changes and various symptoms. While it is a normal part of ageing, the impact of menopause can be managed and even alleviated through conscious lifestyle changes. Lifestyle modifications can positively influence the experience of menopause and empower women to embrace this new chapter with confidence. Navigating […]