hot flashes for overweight women

I Am Officially Overweight; Will I Get More Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes can be extremely bothersome, affecting a woman’s work performance, quality of life, mood, sleep, etc. Some factors can lead to an increase in the severity of hot flashes, including genetic parameters as well as physiological characteristics such as obesity. In other words, menopause symptoms may be worse in overweight women. But, are there safe and easy solutions? Let’s find out.

Hot Flashes & Body Mass Index

Night sweats and hot flashes are the most common symptoms experienced by menopausal women. Hot flashes are described as temporary periods of intense heat in the upper body, arms, and face, often followed by skin flushing and profuse sweating. In many women, hot flashes are severe/frequent.

There is a positive correlation between body mass index (BMI) and the frequency and severity of hot flashes. Some scientific studies have reported that the higher the BMI, the higher the risk of hot flashes. In other words, weight loss reduces the risk of hot flashes in overweight and obese women. These findings underscore the importance of weight control through diet and exercise to minimize the effects of obesity when it comes to health problems such as hot flashes.

Hot flashes can be persistent, lasting an average of nine years or more. In severe cases, treatments such as hormone replacement therapy or medication are recommended. However, they can come with unwanted side effects.

Külkuf: All You Need to Relieve Hot Flashes

Külkuf products are a safe alternative to do away with hot flashes. A Külkuf wristband cools you down without any significant lifestyle changes/side effects. All you have to do is wear it on your wrist, press the button, and crush the heat. You can get yours online.

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