Seven things to know about Menopause


Interesting Facts About Menopause : What you should know?

Have you ever wondered about menopause, the natural phase that marks a significant milestone in a woman’s life? Are you curious about how it affects health and well-being? This comprehensive guide will explore seven essential things you should know about menopause. Whether you’re experiencing the transitional phase or supporting someone going through it, understanding these menopausal facts can help you navigate this transition with confidence and empowerment.

1. What is Menopause?

Menopause is neither an illness nor a disorder. It is a normal and natural phase of life. As you age, the ovaries gradually produce lower estrogen and other hormones. The transition typically begins in your late 40s and can last up to a decade.

2. What are the Stages of Menopause?

The process of Menopause happens in three stages.  

What is Perimenopause:

Your menstrual cycle becomes irregular but has not stopped. You also might experience hot flashes, but still, you can conceive and have a baby.


You’ll have your last menstrual period. You might not notice until you have not had periods for a year. Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep problems, and other symptoms are common in this stage.

Post Menopause:

When you don’t have your period for a year, that’s it! You are in post-menopause. You will not have a menstrual period for the rest of your life. But, if you experience vaginal bleeding after this period, visit a doctor soon.

3. What are Menopausal Symptoms

For each woman, the menopause experience differs. Many women experience irregular periods during the perimenopausal years but no physical changes. The most common symptoms are hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, memory problems, mood disturbances, vaginal dryness, and weight gain. Not all these changes are hormone-related, and some, such as hot flashes and memory problems, tend to resolve after Menopause. Thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle during transition is vital for your mind and body.

4. What causes Menopause?

Usually, Menopause results from natural ageing, but in some cases, it happens due to other causes, such as surgical procedures and cancer treatments.

5. Are Hot Flashes curable?

Hot flashes are a symptom of reduced estrogen levels and can affect women in the perimenopause stage as well. Hot flashes cannot be cured, but they can be better managed with a healthy diet, exercise, HRT, and the brand-new Kulkuf wristband

6. How long does a hot flash last?

A typical hot flash may last 5-10 mins and occur a few times a week. However, this varies from woman to woman. Additionally, some women may experience severe hot flashes, which can occur 20-30 times daily.  

7. What is the KulKuf wristband?

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