An effective, consistent and natural solution for hot flashes

Pathbreaking temperature control technology that is lightweight, portable and user-friendly

How it Works?

Natural Solution

KÜLKUF is the only product offering a natural solution to hot flash symptoms by lowering the body’s core temperature. It is powered by patented ClimaCon® technology, which incorporates novel and efficient heat transport mechanisms that remove or add heat to provide thermal comfort to the body.

Climacon Technology

Our Proprietary, Patented, Ultra-compact and Efficient Temperature Control Technology, Climacon, powers all our products and can achieve temperatures between 32°F – 140°F (0°C – 60°C) in seconds. It was independently tested at the world-renowned Korey Stringer Institute where it demonstrated a significant reduction in the core body temperature following testing of our patented cooling technology.

Clinically Verified

Clinical testing verified that hot flashes were resolved in less than 60 seconds in a large group of menopausal females, with many users reporting a noticeable improvement in symptoms in less than 30 seconds. The technology has been patented across the US, Europe, Australia and India.

Heat dissipation in a miniaturised form with user-controlled temperature levels


Korey Stringer Institute - University of Connecticut

When athletes used the ClimaCon Technology cooling wrist bands, they ran faster, resulting in faster projected 10km times, on average 20 seconds faster with the use of the bands


Skidmore College

Wearing ClimaCon Technology after exercise in the heat can help lower body temperature up to 25% more than passive rest alone. (-0.5°F difference)


Stephen J. Ives, Ph.D

Using the ClimaCon Technology cooling band is an acceptable way to improve comfort and exercise recovery.


Kulkuf Technology: Through thermoelectric cooling, KÜLKUF provides instant relief for hot flashes within seconds

International Award Winning Technology powered by ClimaCon