We are introducing KÜLKUF wristbands

The lightweight and user-friendly solution to hot flashes. With just a few clicks, our wristbands provide instant cooling within seconds, and the 3-adjustable user-controlled temperature levels ensure that you have the right temperature for your needs. Our patented cooling technology has undergone clinical trials and has proven to effectively reduce the core body temperature by half a degree in mere seconds. But KÜLKUF wristbands don’t stop at menopause – they also help improve sleep and reduce stress levels. Make the most of your day with KÜLKUF and experience the relief and comfort you deserve!

Our customers have found the cooling technology of KÜLKUF wristbands effective and reliable in providing instant relief from hot flashes. Our wristbands allow our customers to enjoy their lives to the fullest, whether at the office, home, or the beach. The study showed that 93% of users experienced instant relief from hot flashes within 60 seconds of using our wristbands. KÜLKUF wristbands are designed to care for our customers wherever they go, providing comfort and relief at every step.

Customer Feedback on KÜLKUF