How To Use KÜLKUF?

Cooling the right spot at the right time

Makes all the difference

KÜLKUF is the only product offering a natural solution to hot flash symptoms by lowering the body’s core temperature. It is powered by patented ClimaCon® technology which incorporates novel and efficient heat transport mechanisms that remove or add heat to provide thermal comfort to the body. Clinical testing verified that the symptoms of hot flashes were resolved in less than 60 seconds. 

Wear it

Wear the super comfortable KÜLKUF, the Smart Cooling Wristband

Click it

When experiencing a hot flash, just press the cooling button

Stay Cool

The rapid cooling ClimaCon® technology cools to 45°F (7°C) in Secs

About Kulkuf Product

How To Use?

Press for cooling activation kulkuf


Slide on the KÜLKUF wristband and align the cooling plate with the interior side of your wrist.
Kulkuf How to use step1


Tighten the strap until it feels comfortably snug around your wrist
Tighten the strap


To turn on the KÜLKUF cooling wristband, long press the on/off button for 3 seconds
Turn on the Kulkuf


Tighten the strap until it feels comfortably snug around: Choose your temperature your wrist

STEP 05 Switching off:

The device is programmed to auto switch off; however, if you want to switch off the device earlier, long press the “on/off” button once again to turn off the device.

STEP 06 Battery & Charging:

The device is programmed to auto switch off; however, if you want to switch off the device earlier, long press the “on/off” button once again to turn off the device.
Blue light on cable - battery is charged
Red light on cable - battery is charging
Red light on cable - battery is charging
Blue light on cable - battery is charged
  • The battery cannot be removed from the device.
  • If you notice a foul odour or swelling of the KÜLKUF device, please discontinue charging and do not use the product. Please contact customer service immediately.
  • Do not overcharge your KÜLKUF device. Once the device is fully charged, always remove the battery charger from the electrical power socket and disconnect the charging pin from your KÜLKUF device.
  • Do not short-circuit the external contacts on your KÜLKUF or the battery charger.
  • Please do not disassemble your KÜLKUF; this will damage the device and void the warranty.
  • Do not cover or obstruct the airflow from the exhaust fan with clothing. Bed covers or any other material that could reduce airflow, as this will result in overheating and possible damage to your KÜLKUF.
  • While using your KÜLKUF, if the exhaust fan stops functioning or you feel the device overheating, immediately remove the KÜLKUF from the wrist and turn it off. Please contact customer service directly.


  • Patented Cooling Technology with proven clinical trials to cool the core body temperature
  • Cools down your core body temperature to half a degree in seconds.
  • 93% of users felt instant hot flash relief in 60 seconds
  • 3 adjustable user-controlled temperature levels for your needs
  • Lightweight, Portable, Rechargeable & Energy efficient with a 6-month warranty
  • Clinically proven to have no side effects. Improves sleep & reduces stress
  • Improves your sleep and stress levels
stops sweating

Stops spontaneous sweating

instant cooling in secs

Instant cooling within seconds

No more hot flash

No more hot flash and embarrassment

No unhealthy hormone therapies

No unhealthy hormone therapies

Cooling Functionality

Stay cool with Kulkuf wristbands! Experience the refreshing benefits of instant cooling technology.

Clinically Proven

Kulkuf wristbands are scientifically tested to effectively relieve hot flashes and other related symptoms.

Instant Relief

With Kulkuf wristbands, users can experience instant relief from hot flashes in just 60 secs.

Ergonomically Designed

Kulkuf wristbands are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and support while effectively relieving symptoms.

Natural and Safe

Kulkuf wristbands use natural acupressure therapy, making them a safe and drug-free option.

Patented Technology

Kulkuf cooling wristbands feature patented acupressure technology, ensuring effective relief and a unique user experience.

Free Shipping in US

US shipping for Kulkuf cooling wristbands is free of charge. Order now!

Kulkufcooling wristband wearing

What Is In the Box?

  • KÜLKUF cooling wristband in a pouch
  • User manual
what's inside Kulkuf Box

User Reviews



KÜLKUF is a thermoelectric cooling device that immediately lowers body temperature during hot flashes. “Our award-winning, proprietary, patented Climacon® technology, developed at MIT by our founder, is the engine that powers Kulkuf”. The way it works is, to put it simply, sending a safe amount of electrical current from one metal connection to another, causing one to heat up and the other to cool down.

KÜLKUF comes with an adjustable temperature range operating at three levels: 45 F(7°C), 50 F(10°C), and 54 F(14°C).

Of course. KÜLKUF can assist you anytime. Just turn it on when you feel a night sweat coming and go back to sleep. It will automatically turn off after five minutes. Note that your wrist should be facing upwards so that the heat extractor can work efficiently.
Our regular-sized wristband fits 80% of women just fine. If you have a small wrist, you can try our medium-sized KÜLKUF. You can check out our Size Chart on the product page for more information.

The battery life depends very much on the temperature settings and frequency of use. For the average menopausal woman, KÜLKUF can relieve hot flashes for up to three days on a single charge. Turning on the wristband more than six times a day, and keeping it working for over 4 minutes each time, might require more frequent recharging.

KÜLKUF cooling bracelets for hot flashes utilise patented cooling technology to provide rapid relief from hot flashes in under 60 seconds. By harne­ssing the power of evaporative­ cooling, this innovative design effe­ctively draws heat away from the body.

Yes, the KÜLKUF cooling wristband is crafted for e­xtended wear, offe­ring continuous relief from hot flashes throughout your day. Our wristbands are­ lightweight, comfy, and discreet, pe­rfect for everyday use­, whether you’re at work, home­, or out and about.

Yes, KÜLKUF firmly upholds the calibre and performance of its offerings. All our bracelets for hot flashes and accessories are accompanied by a thorough 12-month warranty, couple­d with an unconditional 30-day refund policy. This dual assurance ensure­s your unwavering contentment with e­very KÜLKUF acquisition.

The KÜLKUF wrist bracele­t for hot flashes provides targete­d relief, specially de­signed to manage hot flashes, unlike­ traditional cooling methods like fans or ice packs. Our advance­d cooling technology offers rapid, long-lasting comfort without the ne­ed for messy gels or cumbe­rsome equipment, de­livering relief tailore­d for hot flash management.

Yes, the­ KÜLKUF cooling wristband takes the top spot as the best hot-flash cooling bracelet! It’s your trusty companion for kee­ping cool and comfy during workouts. Whether you’re hitting the­ gym, running, or flowing through yoga poses, these wristbands work like­ a charm, instantly banishing heat and sweat. They e­mpower you to focus on your exercise­ session without any irritating interruptions fully.

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