Natural 'Hot Flash' Relief without Medication.



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'Hot Flashes just got a lot cooler'


KÜLKUF is Your Answer!

It is the only patented, battery operated cooling cuff that is scientifically proven to naturally reverse the symptoms of hot flashes in seconds by lowering the body’s core temperature.

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Natural Remidies For Menopause

Ground-Breaking Technology

Patented technology

Patented technology

Award winning patented technology proven to reduce core body temperature & relieve hot flash symptoms, instantly.


Portable with Long Battery life

Upto four hours of battery life depending on use levels, lightweight and wearable.

No wires equals no limits.

Durable Cuff - KULKUF


Hardy device that can take a lot of wear and tear. Nothing can keep you down.

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Multi-level, instant active cooling, One push operation

Three temperature settings for your comfort, each activated by a single push of the button.

menopause medication

Ergonomic and skin-friendly

Carefully crafted with advanced fabrics and materials for comfortable wear.

what's good for hot flashes

Lightweight and discreet

Deceptively light and small. Wear it night or day for relief from hot flashes or night sweats on your terms.

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Hot flush Cooling Cuff


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