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KÜLKUF is a pioneer in smart thermal wearable solutions. We create and design products that improve the quality of life while protecting your wellbeing and health.


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KÜLKUF was born from the people and created for relieving hot flashes

The concept of KÜLKUF was born from the users of dhamaSPORT. dhamaSPORT was designed to keep them cool during exercise and reduce core body temperature post-exercise. The athletes loved it so much that they shared its magic with friends and family. 

Women loved it too, and noticed how easy it was to manage their hot flashes with our cooling device. Soon our team got into research and development, and the KÜLKUF wristband was born. We have created the wristband with a comfortable and breathable fabric for a stylish and discreet look.


Scientifically proven methods

9 out of 10 women reported that hot flashes were eliminated in under 60 seconds

We understand the need for a product that helps manage the dreadful hot flashes. How often have you found yourself in embarrassingly sweaty situations? A hot flash can occur at any time during the day, disrupting your life in unexpected ways. Our smart cooling device gives you the control to stop a hot flash before it completely takes over your body and mind. A hot flash can last from 30 secs to 5 mins resulting in excessive sweating, faster heartbeats, and dizziness from heat exhaustion. KÜLKUF allows you to stop the symptoms as soon as you feel the signs of heat. KÜLKUF is designed for anyone wanting to live their best life! 

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Technology is the fastest-growing market in the world. At Dhama, we focus on improving lives with scientifically-proven tech and design to create user-friendly and life-enhancing products. Take care of your health and wellbeing while you look stylish and sophisticated.

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