Physiology of Hot Flashes: Can I Stop Them?


Physiology of Hot Flashes: Can I Stop Them?

Hot flashes are among the well-known symptoms of menopause. A hot flash is a sudden feeling of warmth in the upper body, usually most intense over the neck, face, and chest areas. Feelings of anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and perspiration are some of the other symptoms of hot flashes. Below, we’ll take a quick look at hot flashes, their causes, and possible solutions.

The Causes of Hot Flashes

Hot flashes occur primarily and most intensively in premenopausal & postmenopausal women. Obesity, genetics, and smoking are among factors increasing the risk of hot flashes.

Sometimes, night sweats & hot flashes are caused by something other than menopause. Other potential triggers include thyroid problems, certain cancers, chemotherapy side effects, etc. Moreover, men might experience hot flashes, mainly when their testosterone levels fall during andropause, cancer, etc.

The Physiology of Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are associated with drops in estrogen levels. Dysfunction of central thermoregulatory centers caused by changes in estrogen levels before, during, and after menopause has long been postulated to be the main trigger of hot flashes.

How hormonal changes induce menopausal hot flashes isn’t precisely clear. Some studies suggest hot flashes occur when a decrease in estrogen levels causes the hypothalamus (your body’s thermostat) to become more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature.

When the hypothalamus thinks your body is too warm, it resorts to a heat-releasing mechanism and starts a chain of events (a hot flash) to cool you down. Your body works to cool itself down when it shouldn’t, and you become uncomfortable: soaking wet in the middle of a meeting, work, or in the middle of a good night’s sleep. 

Can I Stop Them?

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