Pregnancy and Hot Flashes the Solutions

Pregnancy and Hot Flashes: The Solutions

One of the annoying pregnancy symptoms that more than half of women experience is hot flashes. Do you know how to deal with them?

Main Causes

Hot flashes in pregnancy usually occur during the first and second trimesters. Some women continue to have night sweats and hot flashes until they stop breastfeeding, as their bodies don’t get to normal estrogen levels immediately after labor. TSH hormones also tend to drop and then rise during the first six months of pregnancy. These fluctuating hormone levels are one of the things that trigger hot flashes.

Besides, the increased blood flow can literally “heat up” the body. Your veins can expand to up to twice their size during pregnancy, and this extra blood volume can trigger hot flashes. Some women suffer from low blood sugar, especially early in pregnancy. Low blood sugar can be another reason for hot flashes. There are simple things you can do to alleviate the hot flashes, including: 

Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine is one of them. Studies show that a balanced intake of blood sugar, vitamins, and minerals can be very beneficial when it comes to body temperature. It is also better to avoid caffeine and spicy foods.


Proper exercise during pregnancy makes for an easier delivery and can reduce the intensity of hot flashes. Overweight mothers are two times more likely than others to report heavy night sweats.

Külkuf Wristbands

To get rid of hot flashes, you don’t need to make any significant lifestyle changes. You are already going through too many changes. With our Kűlkuf Bracelet, you can cool down quickly during hot flashes while lying comfortably in bed and eating what your baby craves.

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