Hot Flashes During Menopause: What You Can Do


Most people going through menopause transition (and perimenopause) experience irritating symptoms, and one of the most common ones is hot flashes. Hot flashes are experienced as a sudden rush of heat to your chest, neck, and face, inducing redness and sweating. These sharp sensations, in more severe cases, can even disrupt your sleeping schedule.

It is perfectly normal to decide not to take any actions regarding your menopause symptoms other than sitting in front of a fan once in a while. But hot flashes do annoy some women. It does not, however, mean they have to suffer through it. Here below we’ll address some of the steps you can take.

Try Simple Changes in Your Lifestyle

Typically, the first thing doctors suggest to anyone going through bothersome menopause symptoms is making changes to their lifestyle choices. You can start by avoiding triggering food such as caffeinated or alcoholic drinks and spicy ingredients. Other dietary habit modifications to consider include drinking multiple glasses of cold water before going to bed, especially if you are experiencing night sweats.

avoid stress on hotflashes during menopause

Avoid Stress

Stress appears to be the cause of every irritating condition these days, and hot flashes are no exception. Obesity could also be an influencing factor when it comes to menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flashes. Moreover, including yoga practices and meditation in your daily routine can help with a peaceful mind and reaching a healthy weight. Other types of exercise such as jogging, swimming, or bicycling are also beneficial.

Best outfit for hotflashes during menopause

Your Outfit Can Help

Simple changes to your outfit could also help prevent/lessen the bothersome effects of hot flashes. Natural fibers such as cotton or silk are breathable, lightweight, cool, and recommended choices of material for your clothing (although sweat patches on silk are not ideal). Avoiding tight clothes and embracing looser-fitting ones can also be helpful.

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