Natural ways to manage hot flash symptoms

Natural ways to manage hot flash symptoms

One of the most common side effects of the perimenopause and menopause phases is hot flashes. A hot flash is a sudden feeling of intense warmth that spreads throughout the body within minutes. On average, a hot flash can last for up to 4 minutes, but a single episode can make you feel hot and exhausted.

Some lifestyle changes can help with managing hot flashes better. Let us look at five non-invasive and natural ways to manage hot flashes.

  1. Identifying triggers. Every woman will go through her own experience with menopause. Identifying triggers can help you manage hot flashes better. Common triggers include –
    • Spicy foods
    • Hot climate
    • Alcohol and smoking
    • Stress
common symptoms of hotflash

Lifestyle changes. If you drink alcohol or smoke tobacco you may want to consider making some changes. A glass of red wine here and there is totally okay but try to avoid binge drinking. Smoking can also make menopausal symptoms worse and trigger hot flashes.

Smoking make menopausal symptoms worse

Reducing stress. Stress can cause mental and physical exhaustion. Try meditation, yoga, and light exercise like walking to reduce stress levels. Epinephrine is a substance that the body produces when faced with stress. This causes body temperature to rise and can trigger hot flashes.

Balanced diet. A healthy diet with good amounts of proteins and fat helps regulate hormones thereby reducing menopausal symptoms. Try some cold-water fish or include omega-3 supplements in your diet.

natural  diet for menopause

The Kulkuf wristband. An innovative new product on the market that helps with hot flash management. The wristband works by cooling your core temperature and can reduce it by almost 0.5 degrees. Kulkuf allows three levels of cooling and has only one push button which makes it easy to use. You have a few minutes before a hot flash takes over completely, switch-on the Kulkuf at this point, and instantly cool-down within seconds. It can also be worn to bed to avoid night-sweats.

themostat smart wearable device

Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life and can be a beautiful transitional period. The most important thing to remember is to love yourself and your body through these changes and opt for a healthier lifestyle.

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