Easy tips for maintaining healthy skin during menopause


Skincare during your 50’s

The onset of menopause typically begins one year after your last period, somewhere around the ages of your late 40’s and early 50’s. You will notice visible changes to your body along with symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. A few good habits can go a look way and result in a much easier transitional phase. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy skin during your 50’s. 

Use a hydrating cleanser. The skin tends to get drier with age which contributes to fine lines and wrinkles. Use a hydrating cleanser that will help you maintain softer and healthier skin. Additionally, use a creamy moisturizer to hydrate your skin after a shower. Try to avoid long hot baths as they can strip you of your natural moisture. 

using sunscreen protect skin from sun

Sunscreen is important. Never leave your home without applying an SPF 30 or higher SPF sunscreen on your skin. Sunscreen protects from dark spots and reduces your chances of getting skin cancer.

hydrate your skin after shower

Exfoliate and tone. Use an excellent exfoliating scrub to wash away dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of age spots. Do not forget to use a toner after. Your face, hands, and chest need extra attention during this phase.

Protect your hands. As collagen and fat reduce with age, the hands can become wrinkly and show visible dark spots. Cover them with rubber gloves while doing the dishes or gardening. Moisturize and apply sunscreen every day.

skincare during menopause

Eat some colors. As estrogen levels dip, so does the production of collagen responsible for our skin’s youthful appearance. Fruits and vegetables of bright colors can be your best friend during menopause.

maintain skin colors during menopause

Sleeping beauty. Night sweats can disrupt your sleeping cycle and make it hard on your skin and give you dark circles. Get a good night’s sleep with the Kulkuf wristband that allows you to cool your core temperature and avoid sweating up your sheets.