How to Reduce Hot Flashes - Yoga Meditation and Alternatives

How to Reduce Hot Flashes? Yoga, Meditation, and Alternatives

A biological reason for a hot flash is hormone fluctuations during menopause. In addition, increasing anxiety and stress levels trigger hormonal imbalance in women. A six-year study revealed menopausal women living with anxiety and stress are three to five times more likely to experience frequent and severe hot flashes.

Furthermore, hot flashes may induce anxiety and night sweats, causing insomnia, negative thoughts, etc. Relaxation is highly recommended as a remedy for hot flashes and ensuing anxiety. Here below, we’ll provide some helpful tips on reducing hot flash-induced anxiety.


Practising yoga can bring about a healthier body and mind. As a stretching exercise, yoga will prevent bone loss, hot flashes, and weight gain (all symptoms of menopause). Depression, anxiety, and stress levels can also be affected with regular yoga practices.


According to research conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, mindfulness training has been proven beneficial for reducing the anxiety around hot flashes. Mindfulness techniques (or any other meditation form) can train people to let go of past pains/future worries, teaching our minds and bodies to focus not on the irritation but the outcome. Women participating in the study reported less annoying hot flashes after performing mindfulness training.

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