Nutritional Supplements to Reduce Hot Flashes


Hot Flashes & Nutritional Supplements

Hot flashes can become really irritating, particularly when they occur at the wrong time. They might disrupt your everyday life, sleep and overall prove quite annoying. Along with professional medical treatments, some common methods can help you control these symptoms. One simple remedial method is adding nutritional supplements to your diet. They come in the shape of capsules, chewable, solutions, powders, syrups, tablets, shots, etc.

This article will provide you with some do’s and don’ts about nutritional supplements when it comes to hot flashes.

Recommended Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin supplements are the most common types of nutritional supplements. Taking vitamin C and variants of vitamin B can reduce some side-effects of hot flashes like headaches and fatigue. Vitamins E and D can especially have remedial effects on hot flashes, night sweats, etc.

Mineral supplements such as Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium will boost your mood, reduce the risk of bone loss, and prevent hot flashes. Some minerals are most effective when combined with vitamins. For instance, it’s recommended to take your Calcium with vitamin D and Iron with vitamin C.

Fish oil supplements will provide your body with fatty acid. One study has proven omega-3 fatty acids to be beneficial for relieving hot flashes. It’s advisable to take this supplement, especially if your diet lacks seafood.

A Word of Advice

Be careful about supplements containing caffeine. Caffeine is known to aggravate hot flashes and night sweats.

Always consult with your doctor before adding extra minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium to your diet. In addition, most variants of fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, K & D) can’t be used in large doses (potentially severe side effects). On the other hand, moderate consumption of food high in phytoestrogen has a different meaning for each person. So again, ask for a professional’s expert opinion beforehand.

The Alternative

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