Can Laughter Be Helpful in Reducing Hot Flashes?


Laughter For Menopausal Hot Flashes

Whether you just had a bad day or whatever, you might have heard that laughter would make you feel better. In other words, it can be a simple solution to many problems, including hot flashes. 

Menopausal hot flashes occur when many women go through mood swings, stress, and frustration. You can add insomnia, fatigue, and headaches to the equation with night sweats. It is when the magic of laughter can help overcome this problem. Let’s find out why?

Laughter & Our Body

Scientifically speaking, laughter stimulates the release of hormones like endorphins and serotonin, improving your overall ‘mood’ and helping you get past the pain easier. Moreover, it can help eliminate emotions like stress and anxiety and culminate in a state of peace.

One more benefit attributed is its impact on vessels and blood flow, balancing heart functions. Overall, the immune system is boosted making it easier to recover from any kind of hardship, illness, or pain. 

Laughter & Hot Flashes

Laughter is generally known for enhancing our mental health. According to research, hot flashes usually tend to occur during stressful times, and they’re prone to cause a good deal of frustration and irritation as our lives become interrupted. Therefore, having a positive mindset is key to fighting against the challenges posed by hot flashes. Being happy is one very simple, cheap, and easily accessible yet remarkably effective method.

On the other hand, happy and relaxed women generally experience fewer hot flashes. In fact, the relationship between menopause symptoms and mental health has been studied by many researchers, further confirming the positive effect of laughter in reducing its annoying symptoms.

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