How to manage hot flashes at work


Even though hot flashes are a normal/ common symptom of menopause, nevertheless they can pose major headaches in your daily work routines. In other words, hot flashes at work may often lead to uncomfortable and disruptive situations.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a meeting when you start having hot flashes. What are your options, then? We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to help you manage your hot flashes at work.

Simple But Effective Changes For Hot Flashes At Work

Proper Clothing: Try to wear several layers of clothes. When a hot flash hits, simply take a layer off and put it back on when it’s over. Cotton, linen, and rayon clothing are preferable to wool, silk, and synthetic textiles.

Workplace Temperature: If possible, have an air conditioning system installed in your workplace. If you’re unable to modify your workplace temperature, cold beverages such as iced tea/coffee or cold meals like salads can be of great help.

Quit Smoking: You should definitely try to cut back or stop smoking, at least when you’re at work because smoking triggers hot flashes.

Modify Your Diet: What you eat and drink has a significant impact on your body’s temperature. Avoid spicy and/or hot foods because they can significantly elevate your body temperature. During the onset of hot flashes, drinking cool water is quite beneficial.

Medical Treatments

Perhaps one of the primary solutions is medication. For some menopausal women, this can really work. A drop in estrogen hormone levels triggers hot flashes, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can increase estrogen levels and inhibit hot flashes. However, HRT is associated with a high risk of side effects such as blood clots and strokes, so you should only consider this option if your doctor recommends it.

An Efficient Solution: KÜLKUF Wristbands

All the above mentioned suggestions can help you manage your hot flashes at work. However, if you’re looking for a simple, safe, and efficient method to kill off your hot flashes instantly, you can also try a KÜLKUF wristband. These bracelets can erase your hot flash in seconds via a simple push of a button. If you’re interested in ordering one, please check out our website.