Hot Flashes: Triggers That Menopausal Women Should Be Aware of


Hot Flashes: Triggers That Menopausal Women Should Be Aware of

Have you ever felt a hot sensation in certain areas of your body, such as your face and neck? If so, they are hot flashes. According to scientific studies, hormonal changes are the leading cause of this phenomenon. During the transition to menopause, most women experience hot flashes characterized by sudden flushing of the face, sweating, or a faster heartbeat.

In addition to the body’s natural physiological responses, there are triggers for hot flashes that all menopausal women should be aware of. In this article, we’ll discuss some of them.

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Spicy Foods: Due to their effect on the body, they can cause an increase in body temperature and sweating, triggering hot flashes. If you like your food spicy, just don’t use so much and keep it light to moderate.

Caffeine: Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or evening is part of our daily routine. However, some women experience hot flashes after an intake of caffeine. You should consider chilled herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee as alternatives.

Alcoholic Drinks: Cocktails, especially red wine, is a hot flash trigger. Alcoholic drinks can cause your blood vessels to dilate, making you feel hot. Eliminate alcohol from your diet and replace it with fruit drinks.

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Hot Weather, Tanning, & Hot Bath

Hot weather or some of our normal daily habits, like showering with hot water or tanning, can trigger hot flashes during menopause. They raise your body temperature and warm your skin, making you feel like a volcano on the inside. A cold shower is the answer.


According to verified studies, anxiety and stress are among hot flash triggers. Your face turns red when you are angry or having an intense conversation. In this situation, blood rushes to the skin and causes a hot flash. Therefore, try to keep your emotions in check and lower your stress levels.

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