Hot flashes before Menopause


Hot flashes before Menopause?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Night-sweats, hot flashes, irritability, and reduced sexual desire can occur even before you hit the pause on your menses. Perimenopause is the transition phase that occurs during your 40’s. 

Women have been told about the child-bearing years and the years after. But what about the in-between? Perimenopause can be a difficult phase because we have no idea what is happening to our bodies. 

Symptoms can mimic menopause but are also accompanied by heavy blood flow. Ensure your mental and physical well-being to enhance preparedness for eventual menopause. Taking care of yourself is crucial in this phase.

Perimenopause symptoms – Hot Flashes and more

  • Erratic and heavy flow periods
  • Brain fog and difficulty concentrating
  • Anemia
  • Night-sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Weight-gain
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Loss of sexual desire 

Hot Flashes leads to hormonal changes during Perimenopause

The perimenopause phase can last from 5-10 years before you start your menopause. One year without any menstrual cycle is usually when you hit menopause, and it signifies a stop to your child-bearing years. 

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are produced in lower quantities by your ovaries during the perimenopause phase. Reduced estrogen levels can be blamed for your hot flash symptoms, vaginal dryness, and increased irritability. You are not going crazy; you are simply transforming! 

Taking care of yourself during perimenopause

The first step is understanding what your body is going through. The perimenopause phase will start in your 40’s a time when your life may also be going through several changes. Your children are all grown up, or you may have become the caregiver for your parents. Professional life might be at a peak, or you may want to change careers at this point. 

Talk to your physician about your perimenopausal symptoms. You must take care of your body during this phase so that your menopausal stage isn’t as uncomfortable. Regular exercise, increased calcium intake, regular medical checks, and a better diet are essential changes that you must incorporate during this phase of your life. 

The ‘Kulkuf‘ wristband for hot flash management 

One of the most annoying symptoms of reduced estrogen levels is suffering from a hot flash episode. This can occur several times a day for many years during your transitional period. For years women have relied on ice packs to cool-down or tried hormone replacement therapy which can be expensive and sometimes harmful. 
The Kulkuf wristband is a wearable device that works on a patented  ClimaCon®technology designed by an MIT graduate. The wristband allows you to reduce your core temperature within seconds. To learn more about the Kulkuf wristband, click here-

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