7 benefits of wearing Kulkuf Wristband


We are introducing an inventive device that instantly soothes hot flashes. You will experience cooling relief at your fingertips with a simple button press, providing comfort during moments of discomfort. Kulkuf wristband is your instant body-cooling partner. It is carefully designed after several research and tests to beat the heat like hot flushes and night sweats.

This is specifically designed for women who enter the menopause transition period to regulate and alleviate the hot flushes. These hot flushes are the main problem experienced by women during the menopause transitional period.

At times, meditation and exercises can be annoying and exhausted, for relieving hot flushes, be it day or night. Keeping in mind these conditions, we have designed this wristband that gives you instant relief in less than 60 seconds. 

The Technology

  • KÜLKUF wristband uses Clean thermoelectric technology, no CFCs or toxic chemicals are used in it. It’s safe for use. 
  • The Clima con an efficient temperature control technology that allows you to enjoy immediate relief from hot flashes or night sweats in less than 60 seconds. Provides Three-level of Instant cooling – it has Three-level control switches for individual comfort. You can adjust the control based on your needs.

The Sporty Design – For a smart look!

  • Its ultra-compact makes it easy to wear anywhere and any time of the day or night, be it while exercising, at home or at a party. KÜLKUF wristbands are stylish and go well with any attire you wear. It’s a go-to-wear for modern women.
  • KÜLKUF wristband helps improve the quality of your life.

No Sound

The KÜLKUF wristband is Super silent and produces extremely low noise and vibration. Thus, making it a wearable cuff even while you are at work.

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