hot flashes in men

Hot Flashes in Men: The Remedies

Hot flashes are significantly high body temperatures that usually occur suddenly and last four to ten minutes. They are typically attributed to women as a symptom of menopause, but men can also experience them.

The reason for hot flashes is mainly hormonal imbalance. Most men don’t experience menopause the way women do, meaning hormone levels (in this case, testosterone) decrease slightly as men age. So why do hot flashes occur?

Why Does it Happen?

As a result of prostate cancer treatment, known as androgen deprivation therapy, testosterone levels in a man’s body are reduced as it is responsible for feeding the cancer cells. This limited production of testosterone causes hot flashes in about 80% of patients.

What Can You Do?

Usually, hot flashes stop about four months after androgen deprivation treatment ends. In the meantime, there are methods to prevent frequent hot flashes and lower your body temperature more quickly during a hot flash.

Dietary Changes

Eliminating spicy foods is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to get rid of hot flashes. Try to cut out caffeine from your diet as much as possible and drink herbal tea instead.

Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthier life can benefit you in many ways, such as reducing androgen deprivation therapy’s annoying side effects. Quit smoking, drink less alcohol, go for walks, and avoid tight pants.


Antidepressants and progestin hormones are suggested as remedies. Testosterone replacement therapy can also help treat hot flashes, but doctors tend not to recommend it for men with prostate cancer history.

Külkuf Wristbands

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