Common misconceptions about Menopause


The human body is a beautiful creation of nature and has its lifecycle. Our bodies experience gradual changes over the years and as a woman we experience this more significantly. There have always been so many myths and misconceptions surrounding our menstrual cycle and the menopause phase. This article will bust some common misconceptions and talk about a more holistic approach to menopause.

Misconception one.

‘The body stops producing hormones during Menopause’.

The ovaries may produce less estrogen during the menopause phase, but the body has many other hormones responsible for metabolism, fertility, growth, etc. You also produce testosterone, which the body converts into estrogen. You can try some estrogen-rich foods like soy during this phase or consult your gynecologist.

Misconception two.

‘All hormone therapies are bad and lead to Cancer.’

There is a lot of debate regarding hormone replacement therapy, but some studies show positive results. Synthetic hormones can be harmful in the long-term, so choose your doctor well and never self-medicate.

Misconception three.

‘You are in menopause the moment your periods stop’

There are three phases in the menopause cycle.

  • Perimenopause. The ovaries produce less estrogen during this part of the cycle, which can cause irritability, mood swings, irregular periods, and reduced sleep. This can last anywhere from four to ten years.
  • Menopause. This part of the cycle begins after one year of your last period. Common symptoms are Hot-flashes, night sweats, irritability, and sleep deprivation. Menopause can last for up to a decade.
  • Post-menopause. This is the part when all the uncomfortable feelings start to decrease gradually. Women feel more energized during this face. The chances of pregnancy are nearly non-existent.

Misconception four.

‘Only menopausal women suffer from hot flashes.’

A hot flash is a common occurrence during the menopause phase, but many other people may suffer. Men, going through the andropause phase. Those who have had their ovaries surgically removed and people who are under chemotherapy may also experience hot flashes.

Misconception five

‘There are no gadgets to help manage hot flashes’.

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