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smart thermal wearables solution

An effective, consistent and portable temperature control solution

Providing Cognitive, Perceptive and Actual cooling at one of the key thermal areas in the body.

Pathbreaking Temperature Control Technology

38°F(4°C) to 140°F(60°C) on demand within seconds

Portable, lightweight, small size, low power consumption

Heat dissipation in miniaturized form

User-controlled surface temperature

Patented across US, Europe, Australia, India

Through thermoelectric cooling, kulkuf provides instant relief for hotflashes within seconds

All our products are powered by our Proprietary, Patented, Ultra-compact and Efficient Temperature Control Technology which can achieve temperatures between 0°C – 60°C (32°F – 140°F) in seconds.

KÜLKUF is powered by patented ClimaCon® technology. ClimaCon® technology incorporates novel and efficient heat transport mechanisms that remove/add heat to provide thermal comfort to the body. It works on the principles of the Peltier effect, embedding a thermoelectric unit with the geometrically optimized heat sinks. A highly efficient thermoelectric unit accompanied by high heat transfer coefficients is the engine that drives the system.

KÜLKUF is a pioneer in smart thermal wearables solution

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