Seven things to know about Menopause

things to know about menopause

1. What is Menopause? Menopause is neither an illness nor a disorder. It is a normal and natural phase of life. As you get older, the ovaries gradually produce lower levels of estrogen and other hormones. Menopause begins typically in your late 40’s and can last up to a decade.  2. Stages of Menopause? The […]

Symptoms for Perimenopause

perimenopause symptoms

Menopause formally scripts the end of feminine reproduction. Many women go through a range of symptoms as their hormones shift during the menopausal phase. While this epoch is well known, there are essentially different stages in menopause that are significant to know and comprehend. Menopause happens when you stop menstruating. Premenopause concerns the phase during […]