'All you have to lose are your Hot Flashes'


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Happy KÜLKUF customers

"Kulkuf is enough! I was skeptical at first, but WOW, it stopped my night sweats and allowed for a good night sleep, just like you said it would. I wear mine all night and just push the button when I have a hot flash and go back to sleep. The five minute automatic cut-off is a great feature. I also use it in the mornings while getting ready for work. I love it! I carry it with me everywhere. I never know when a hot flash might occur. Thank you KULKUF!" - Laynie

Patented Technology

Award winning patented technology proven to reduce core body temperature & relieve hot flash symptoms, instantly.

Portable with Long Battery life

Upto four hours of battery life depending on use levels, lightweight and wearable.No wires equals no limits.


Hardy device that can take a lot of wear and tear. Nothing can keep you down.

Multi-level, instant active cooling, One push operation

Three temperature settings for your comfort, each activated by a single push of the button.

Ergonomic and skin-friendly

Carefully crafted with advanced fabrics and materials for comfortable wear.

Lightweight and discreet

Deceptively light and small. Wear it night or day for relief from hot flashes or night sweats on your terms.

How do I know KÜLKUF works?

KÜLKUF was tested on over 125 women with hot flashes and while 100% of participants reported a substantial reduction of hot flash symptoms, 9 out of 10 described resolution of symptoms in less than 60 seconds. Additional testing at the world renowned Korey Stringer Institute demonstrated a significant reduction in core body temperature using our ClimaCon® cooling technology.

Does KÜLKUF help night sweats?

Absolutely! Just place KÜLKUF on at the first sign of a night sweat. KÜLKUF automatically turns off in 5 minutes, so you can leave it on and go back to sleep or remove it and place it on the nightstand.

Why KÜLKUF instead of hormones?

Most women are not willing to take the increased risk of stroke, heart attack and cancer, all of which are associated with the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Until KÜLKUF there were no effective alternatives for the treatment for hot flash symptoms. Additionally, the long term cost of menopausal medications could easily be offset by a one time purchase of KÜLKUF.

Does KÜLKUF come in different sizes?

Although our adjustable regular size fits most female wrist sizes, occasionally a slightly larger size is needed. If in doubt, simply measure the distance around the wrist and if the distance is greater than 7 inches, request our larger size for maximum comfort.

Is it normal for KÜLKUF to become warm when it shuts off?

Yes, occasionally the KÜLKUF will become warm immediately following use. This is simply the discharge of accumulated heat from the heat sink, and is perfectly normal.

One year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 60 day battery warranty.

Natural "Hot Flash" relief without medications. KÜLKUF is your answer! It is the only patented, battery operated cooling cuff that is scientifically proven to naturally reverse the symptoms of hot flashes in seconds by lowering the body’s core temperature. 

'Hot Flashes just got a lot cooler'

"Within 30 seconds, it cools me down and I can function again." - Misty

"It changed my sleep patterns. I'm not having the hot flashes I was having before. I'm able to get a good night's rest." - Kelly

"KÜLKUF is something that I found helps me get through the hot flashes without having to take more medication. It's very easy to use" 

- Julia

"I switched on my KÜLKUF and expected nothing to happen. But within 30 seconds, my hot flash was gone, every time. KÜLKUF really works!" - Norma

KÜLKUF was selected as one of only 16 brands at the Everything Tech Speed Pitching Media Event, New York, 2019. Over 20 Media companies experienced KÜLKUF, and there was nothing but awe!

SizeWrist Measurement in InchesWrist Measurement in Centimeters
Regular4.5 - 6.511.4 - 16.5
Large6.5 - 8.516.5 - 21.6
SizeWrist Measurement in InchesWrist Measurement in Centimeters
Regular4.5 - 6.511.4 - 16.5
Large6.5 - 8.516.5 - 21.6
SizeWrist Measurement in InchesWrist Measurement in Centimeters
Regular4.5 - 6.511.4 - 16.5
Large6.5 - 8.516.5 - 21.6