Our Story

KÜLKUF was first designed with intentions of alleviating overheated athletes during endurance sports.  As fate would have it, a woman experiencing a hot flash happened upon our booth at a trade show, and what happened next is history.  The cuff not only eliminated her hot flash, but also created our first raving fan!  

Armed with this new knowledge, we began months of testing KÜLKUF on menopausal women.  The results were staggering. 9 out of 10 women reported that hot flashes were eliminated within 60 seconds.  We also discovered that there are many women and men who suffer from hot flashes who are not experiencing menopause - such as multiple sclerosis, thyroid problems, certain medications, tuberculosis, HIV, certain cancers, and even stress.

We are excited to introduce to the market KÜLKUF, the first-of-its-kind cooling cuff that minimizes the symptoms of hot flashes with the touch of a button!  No hormones, no wet towels, no having to stand in front of a fan to cool down.  



KULKUF for Womans