Frequently Asked Questions

Kulkuf Operation Related FAQS

KULKUF cools down to 3 discrete temperature points, 45 F(7°C), 50 F(10°C), 54 F(12°C) reached almost instantaneously with easy one-press button operation.
For 9/10 women who tried Kulkuf, KULKUF stopped hot flashes in under 1 minute. Kulkuf works by perceptively, cognitively and actually cooling you down. First, you feel the powerful cooling against your flushed skin. Then, your body starts actually cooling down from the inside out. Lastly, your brain perceives this and shuts down the hot flash immediately.
Yes, it does. Independent research conducted in the renowned Korey Stringer Institute, University of Connecticut, has shown core body cooling of upto 0.5° C with our patented cooling technology, Climacon®, applied at the wrist. Kulkuf is powered by Climacon® with great success in stopping hot flashes in their tracks.
Kulkuf works as an extension of the body’s thermoregulatory system. The slight heat that the body expels using flushing, sweating, etc, is pulled out by Kulkuf using our patented, proprietary Climacon® technology. The heat that kulkuf pulls out from your wrist is what it radiates out from the top of the kulkuf.

Target Audience and Safety Related FAQS

Yes, it does. In all the trials we have conducted and feedback we have received from customers, Kulkuf works for almost anybody suffering from hot flashes due to menopause, andropause or after-effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients.
It won’t. Kulkuf is easy to operate and comes with 3 discrete cooling levels. You can choose any one as per your comfort or switch it off as soon as you feel too cold. Kulkuf is designed to switch off after 5 minutes of operation since that is typically the length of time a hot flash lasts for, so kulkuf is safe to be worn even when sleeping. Another incarnation of Kulkuf, the dhamaSPORT, is a cooling sports wristband designed to be worn continuously during workouts and sports for athletes. dhamaSPORT has been extensively used in the Rio Olympics, in ironman triathlons, cycling world championships, and races worldwide. There has been no indication of the core temperature cooling down more than 0.5°C even with prolonged use.
Yes you can. However, please ensure the top side of your wrist is facing up. i.e., you’re not blocking the heat extractor element that allows kulkuf to pull the heat out of your body.
9/10 people who suffer from hot flashes after chemotherapy have experienced immediate relief with kulkuf.
Typically, a hot flash is gone under 60 seconds with kuluf. However, a lot of women have reported that they feel relief in under 30 seconds.
Kulkuf is an external cooling device that works as an extension of the body’s natural thermoregulation mechanism. It has no known, reported or expected side-effects and is safe to use.

Returns and Refunds and Support

Yes. Kulkuf ships free with DHL.
This depends on your country. If you’re in the US, your order should reach you within 2-3 business days.
We have an easy returns policy. 30 days money back guarantee and no questions asked. For more details, please check out the returns page (add link to refunds page)
No worries, we’ll replace it for you free of charge.
We can replace it for you within the 30 day warranty period. Past that, you can also get the replacement if there is a manufacturing defect within one year.

Device Usage Related

The correct way to wear the kulkuf is to make sure the ceramic plate on kulkuf’s underside aligns with the underside of your wrist. This is the cooling unit that pulls out heat from your body. Also ensure the top part of kulkuf is not blocked since that is where the heat escapes from.
Please refer to this size chart. We have two sizes, Medium and Regular. Regular fits almost 80% of women. Medium is for smaller wrists.
KULKUF works for 4 hours continuously on the highest temperature setting and 1.5 hours continuously on the lowest temperature setting. So Kulkuf can give you an average of 25 sessions on one charge. You can tackle 25 hot flashes on one charge.
KULKUF comes with a USB cable that can plug into the charger/adapter most suitable for your country.